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Start utilizing the power of video in your social media campaigns, your content strategy and more.

Capture Attention

Motion That Grabs the Viewer and Holds Them

Static designs are great but when you have the chance to use video to display your message, take it! Videos are growing more popular by the minute and new social platforms that are based solely on video keep popping up. This opens the door for more opportunities to use video content in your daily strategies.

Whether you’re selling a product, educating an audience or generating laughs, video is the go to tool. We help to design short-from content that grabs the users attention and carries them through to move to action. 

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Simple to Create

We Make Video Design, Easy.

Video creation can seem like a daunting task. We make a huge effort to take the really hard work out of the process. All our team needs to get started is the text that will be shown in the video, and we can provide the creative direction for the design. In a few days you go from a text script to a useable video. 

Feed and Story

Fill the Scroll and the Swipe with Content

We specialize in social media video content. That includes square videos for almost every social media platform and unique sizes like portrait for Instagram stories and TikTok. 

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The NLC Difference

Multiple Sizes

Every platform is a little different. We allow for unlimited resizes on any design so one project can be used across any social platform.

Creative Direction

Our designers are trained to work with minimal details and can provide creative direction. All we need to start a design is the text that will be on the video. 

Vetted Designers

Our world-wide design team is vetted with thorough training. We take the stress of finding skilled designers out of your hands.

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"They've helped us tremendously to edit any videos we have for ads."

Camilo | Clickable Impact

Full Coverage

More Than Editing

Our video design team is capable of creating a wide range of motion graphic design and video editing. While some styles may be defined, new video styles are always popping up. If you have an idea and are not sure if we can make it, our chat is always open and can determine if it is possible with our service.  

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