Facebook Text Overlay Tool

The Number 1 Facebook Image Text Check Tool.

Tired of wondering if your image will reach its full audience? Tired of guessing where you need to move your text around to in order to pass Facebook’s standards? 

Our Facebook Overlay Tool will tell you exactly how much text your image contains so you know exactly what you need to do in order to pass. 

If you are interested in using Facebook’s native text tool click here. 

To be in compliance with Facebooks advertising guidelines, ad images need to be below a 20% text to image threshold.

This means that the text on your image can take up no more than 20%. If your image does have more than 20% text then Facebook could either limit the potential reach of your ad OR deny it all together. 

Facebook’s overlay tool works great but, we noticed that at times it can be inaccurate. This is largely because it relies on AI which sometimes, can be tricked depending on your images. Our tool has a manual aspect to it which gives more accurate results on a more consistent basis. 

Yes! Since Facebook own’s Instagram, you can also use this tool to check your Instagram ads

Want Unlimited Designs that Always Pass the Test?

If you’re tired of dealing with trying to create designs that communicate your message clearly, do their job, and remain within Facebook’s advertising policy then it might be a good time to consider one of our design packages. We offer a few tiers of services that will get you exactly what you need to scale your business at an affordable rate.