Email Template Design Test

Please complete the project below to finalize your application as a designer for NLC. This helps us gauge your skill set in designing the most common projects we will assign to you. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Staffing Manager.

1. Design Details:

This will be a full email marketing design for a brand called Born Primitive.
The email design should be 1200px wide. Although a normal email width is only 600px, the reason we want it 1200px wide is so it looks good on retina displays.
The images you can use in the design can be found at –

2. Design Style:

The design should be very cool looking, modern, unique, AND follow branding. This includes colors, fonts, logo usage, etc. PLEASE follow all branding exactly. All branding can be found here –

3. Design Instructions:

Please follow the layout below when designing this email. It will tell you what to show in each section but you need to use your own creativity and design skills to make it look awesome.

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HERO (letter from Founder format):
Hey [Name],
Thanks for joining the Born Primitive community. 
Owned and operated by an active duty military family, Born Primitive is not just another apparel company: we’re a community of people who embrace hard work. 
Our products are designed to help you reach your goals unencumbered. With performance apparel made for athletes of a variety of sizes and skill levels, we’re certain you’ll find the right gear to help you break through barriers.
Try Born Primitive today to get 10% off your first purchase. Get the gear that works as hard as you do.
Thanks for Joining the Born Primitive family.
Bear & Mallory
Born Primitive Owners
Subcopy: Sign up for Born Primitive text messages to get exclusive early access to new products and promotions.
CTA: Sign Up
Banner 1: Owned and Operated By an Active Duty Military Family (include flag icon)
2X4 text CTA grid:
Who We Are Charities
Custom Apparel Contact Us
Social Follow Icons:
Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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