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We offer a truly valuable design experience
like no other company in the industry.

We are committed to providing businesses of all shapes and sizes with quality designs that meet their business and consumer needs. Our talented and creative designers work tirelessly to ensure each and every customer receives the unique, custom designs that will take their business to new heights. With No Limit Creatives, businesses can forget about the hassle and high-expense that comes with hiring an in-house design team and gain access to our designers at a fraction of the cost.


Meet the Founder

Jeff Minnichbach

Jeff has over 14 years of graphic design experience and a genuine passion for helping businesses thrive through quality, custom designs.

He has worked with startups as well as large brands such as Pluto TV (Viacom), Bulletproof, Foundr, VitaCup, TRUECar, McAfee and more. 

In January 2018, Jeff decided to turn his love for graphic design and commitment to exceptional client service into a business. No Limit Creatives was born and now hires more than 30 full-time employees.

Jeff is pleased to provide the customers of No Limit Creatives with incredible value that they won't be able to find anywhere else. Every day, he works with his talented design team to create quality designs that are sure to deliver incredible results for all types of businesses.

Meet Our Talented and Experienced Team

Federico Creative Director of Design

Anthony Creative Director of Video

Vanessa Lead Assistant

Aubrey Assistant Aid


Luis Lead Designer

Melanio Lead Designer

Jonnathan Graphic Designer

Leyre Graphic Designer


Jose Graphic Designer

Julia Video Designer

Eia Graphic Designer

Virginia Graphic Designer


Rose Graphic Designer

Kelvin Graphic Designer

Gabriel Video Designer

Gwenn Video Designer


Jesus Graphic Designer

Ana Graphic Designer

Keiro Video Designer

Nurhakim Video Designer


Levon Video Designer

Xadier Graphic Designer

Eduin Graphic Designer

Dorothy Video Designer


Alvin Video Designer

Kate Graphic Designer

Sancia Video Designer


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